OpenMolcas Developers’ e-Meeting 2021


We are pleased to announce that Loughborough University will host the 9th (Open)Molcas Developers’ e-meeting. The meeting is mainly targetted at existing developers of OpenMolcas and those who would like to join the community of developers. The meeting allows the particpants to present their work and discuss future directions of the OpenMolcas project. Guest speakers are invited to showcase applications of OpenMolcas and to provide additional perspectives on the development process of quantum chemistry packages.

Dates: 29th June – 2nd July 2021
Location: Online meeting (hosted by Loughborough University)

Group photos


Please, find the programme below. Times listed are for British Summer Time (BST, UTC+1), US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, UTC-4), and China Standard Time (CST, UTC+8). The full programme can be seen here.

TimeTue, 29th JuneWed, 30th JuneThu, 1st JulyFri, 2nd July
09:3004:3016:30Nicholas ChiltonOskar WeserAndreas Dreuw
10:0505:0517:05Liviu UngurMikhail RyazantsevArtur Nenov
10:3005:3017:30Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
10:5505:5517:55Patrick ZobelInés Corral PérezGiovanni Li Manni
11:3006:3018:30Yoshio NishimotoStefano BattagliaJesús González-Vázquez
11:5506:5518:55Lunch breakLunch breakClose
13:0008:0020:00Check inDiscussion:
Future of OpenMolcas
Flash presentations
13:3508:3520:35Roland Lindh
14:1009:1021:10Francesco Montorsi
14:3509:3521:35Valera – BreakoutValera – BreakoutValera – Breakout
15:2010:2022:20Laura GagliardiHans LischkaAntonio Carlos Borin
15:5510:5522:55James GayvertErnst LarssonAlberto Baiardi
16:2011:2023:20Andrew SandSergey I. BokarevBruno Nunes Cabral Tenorio
16:4511:4523:45Tjerk StraatsmaBess VlaisavljevWerner Dobrautz


Registration deadline: 28th May 2021

Registration is officially closed. If you would like to attend, you can still enter your details below but please also contact us at

Technical Information

The meeting will be held via MS Teams. For improved performance it is suggested to download and install the app. Alternatively, login via the browser is possible. All sessions are accessed via the same meeting link, which is sent to registered participants.

All talks will be recorded and the recordings will be made available to registered participants. Please, let us know at if you do not want your talk to be recorded.

Organisers and Contact

Felix Plasser, Patrick Kimber

Please contact us at .